Attorney In Columbus Offers Legal Assistance With Auto Accident Cases

Kenneth S. Nugent, P.C., an attorney based in Columbus, Georgia, is pleased to place his team’s expertise at the disposal of local communities. Auto accidents are common and can happen to anyone at any time, and handing over the case to an experienced law firm, like Attorney Nugent’s firm, would ensure that the individual will be able to file for the case and receive compensation without missing any crucial details.

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The rate of auto accidents every year is an alarming number — over three million injuries occur each year as a result of these accidents, according to data from the National Highway Safety Council. Each of these injuries can potentially change a person’s life significantly. If a person becomes a victim of a car accident, it is important that they seek the counsel of an experienced auto accident attorney in Columbus, such as Attorney Nugent and his firm. An attorney will be able to help them pursue fair compensation to cover recovery costs and other expenses.

Most people are aware that they are entitled to claim compensation to have a car repaired and to pay medical bills, but they should know that they also are entitled to lost wages, pain and suffering and extended medical care. Many are similarly under the impression that hiring an attorney will be expensive and that they should handle their claim themselves. By handling a claim on their own, they may be missing out on the maximum compensation that they are eligible for since these types of claims can be very complicated, and missteps can be costly. This is particularly true when it comes to cases that involve serious personal injuries and questions about liability.

If involved in an accident in Columbus, there are certain steps a victim can follow in order to protect their right to compensation. Georgia law allows an individual to hold the at-fault party responsible for the car accident. By following the correct steps in the first days and weeks after an accident, they will stand a much better chance of getting the full payout, including compensation for repairs, medical bills and lost wages. An auto accident attorney in Columbus, such as Attorney Nugent’s firm, will review the case carefully and help determine the extent of compensation.

Auto accident attorney Columbus GA

The firm’s attorneys are highly skilled at reviewing cases and forcing the insurance companies to pay what is necessary for a client’s full recovery. Insurance companies will also attempt to settle a case quickly, before all the facts are in, in an effort to save money. In many cases, an insurance adjuster will contact the victim within days of the accident, offering a settlement to end the case. It is crucial to contact an auto accident attorney before giving a recorded statement to any insurance adjuster. If the person has been contacted prior to their consultation, they must simply decline the interview until they can speak to a lawyer.

The attorney will work as a mediator between the client and the insurance company. Their legal knowledge and training in negotiations will allow them to represent the case before the insurance companies and achieve the desired result. Auto accidents can have lasting effects on a person, physically, financially and emotionally. However, when they hire an attorney to represent them before the insurance company, the firm can tackle many of the concerns and frustrations that they are feeling on their behalf, allowing the client to concentrate on recovering from the incident.

The law firm of Kenneth S. Nugent, P.C, covers a wide range of cases, including auto accidents, mass transit accidents, medical malpractice, nursing home abuse, wrongful death, worker’s compensation claims, defective products, dangerous property and insurance company bad faith claims. The firm recommends that clients contact them immediately so that they can provide the right guidance to ensure they can cover the long-term expenses that come with a serious injury (or receive satisfactory compensation in other situations as well). Their attorneys provide the personal care, attention and aggressive advocacy every client deserves..

More information about Kenneth S. Nugent and the work his team does for the community can be found on the firm’s official website and other online sources. His office can also be reached via phone or email.

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